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Meet the Newest Additions to the RISE Together Team!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The RISE Together Innovation Institute is growing! We are excited to welcome three new members to RISE Together, and we look forward to doing amazing work to eradicate poverty.

Please join us as we welcome to the team Kathleen Clyde (left), Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives; Kevin Jones (center), Director of Marketing and Messaging; and Will Petrik (right), Director of Policy and Advocacy.

In getting to know Kathleen, Kevin, and Will we asked them to share their 2030 Vision as it relates to eradicating poverty. Here's what they shared:

Kathleen: A more equitable society, with growth and opportunity for everyone, especially those among us who are suffering.

Kevin: A society that addresses our significant housing shortage with true affordability that dramatically decreases and ultimately eliminates those unhoused.

Will: All of us should have what we need to thrive. To get there, we all need a foundation of stability and security. Together, we can make sure we all have the resources to put food on the table, pay the rent, and support ourselves and our families.

Those are amazing goals and RTII looks forward to working together to achieve them.

We believe that poverty is a problem that we can end, TOGETHER.

Welcome to the team Kathleen, Kevin, and Will!


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